Summer is Key West’s secret season

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Summer in Key West: The best time of all

We don’t have to convince folks to visit Key West in February. But what about June, July, August, or even September?

That’s when our mainland friends are sweltering in the city, be it Chicago, New York, Washington or Boston. We’re pretty sure they’re thinking “if it’s this miserable here, it must be worse in Key West.” Well, not so much.

Key West’s summer time temperatures rarely top 90 and, remember, we’re an island blessed with tropical breezes. The ocean is peaceful, the waters crystal clear, the fishing superb and the days are made for laid back strolling through uncrowded neighborhoods.

Summer in Key West is slow season and it’s a still undiscovered time to enjoy the island. The winter crowds are gone. There’s no line at the Hemingway Home, no waiting lists at the most popular restaurants, no back-ups at the traffic lights. Heck, even the drive down the Keys from Miami can be downright enjoyable.

Airfares drop. Vacation rental prices decline. Island venues offer summer specials. And, because no one is rushed and stressed, life is, well, slower, too.

We’ve been in Chicago in July. Ditto the other big mainland cities. It just isn’t pleasant — especially if you’re dressed in business suits, hose and heels. So, we want you to start thinking about Key West in the summer.

We’re certain, after just one visit, that you’ll know what the locals know: Summer is Key West’s secret season.

Tempted? Well, then, start by checking out some of Historic Key West Vacation Rentals’ homes. You just might find yourself living like a local this summer.